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Growth Voyage

Growth Voyage is a month-long developmental experience that helps you make progress on one specific goal of your choosing. Each Growth Voyage features:


  • a 3-hour opening workshop 

  • real-world experimentation 

  • peer coaching (1 hour per week) 

  • expert 1-on-1 coaching (optional 1/2-hour time slots) 

  • a 1-hour closing workshop (4 weeks after the opening)

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The opening facilitation helps you surface core assumptions that are limiting your capacity to make progress on your growth goal.  You will leave the opening facilitation with actionable tests you will conduct back at your workplace.


In this way Growth Voyages generate immediate behavioral change, not just thought about change. Coaching and community keep the learning momentum going through the duration of your Voyage.     

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Growth Voyage

Engage a developmental goal of your choice. 

The Growth Voyage experience is built around the Immunity to Change methodology. ITC is my specialty, and I have facilitated and coached the process for mid-level managers and senior executives located in more than 30 countries on six continents. 

If it suits your organization's needs, a Growth Voyage can be tailored toward a particular growth goal (e.g., getting better at delegating) for everyone in the cohort. Delivery format is flexible (in-person, virtual, hybrid), as is group size.
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