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Podcasts, Webinars, and Articles

In this October 2023 Podcast, I chat with my Australian friend Mark LeBusque about human growth and leadership. Topics include:

  • Why we resist change.

  • Why we over-complicate things.

  • How we can get past our own fears in order to better serve those in our care.  

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In this September 2021 webinar for Emory University's Goizueta Business School, I explore the following:

  • How the stories we tell ourselves tell us where we need to grow.

  • How our "Triumph Stories" and our "Disaster Stories" keep each other alive and well. 

  • How we can get to a point where our old stories no longer author us, but rather we author new stories.

"The Professor's Predicament: How Can I Have My Expertise Without it Having Me?"

Academy of Management Learning & Education

In this 2022 article I explore:

  • How "knowing" keeps us stuck where we are.

  • How our assumptions anchor our behaviors.  

  • How we can use the Immunity to Change process to open up bigger worlds. 

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"Flock Leadership: Understanding and Influencing Emergent Collective Behavior"

The Leadership Quarterly

In this article I explore:

  • How  person-to-person interaction norms shape group capacity. 

  • How some norms drive technical capacity while others drive adaptive capacity.

  • How leadership can be understood as influencing group norms. 

In this article I explore:

  • How to lead incremental improvement at familiar tasks.

  • How to lead discovery and transformation.

  • [This brief article is an invited synopsis of my Leadership Quarterly work on Flock Leadership.]

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In this article I explore:

  • How modern scholars mis-apply 18th-century political philosophy. 

  • How the assumptions anchoring enlightenment-era republicanism do not translate to the workplace. 

  • How enlightenment-era liberalism is a better model for workplace citizenship.

In this article I explore:

  • How competencies erode when companies meet across several markets. 

  • How inter-firm rivalry is generally dampened when companies meet across numerous markets.

  • How inter-firm rivalry is occasionally intensified when companies meet across numerous markets.

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In this article I explore:

  • How competitive dynamics are affected by the frequency with which U.S. domestic airlines meet one another across multiple routes. 

  • How multi-market contact affects price rivalry and service rivalry differently. 

  • How multi-market contact affects price rivalry and marketing rivalry differently. 

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