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"Your process was the best I've experienced regarding taking action to promote behavioral change."

  • Jennifer Hester Hall, Operations Manager, Wealth Management company. 


"Best professional development in five years."

  • Dawn Killenberg, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and External Engagement, Agnes Scott College

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"Tom’s workshop was innovative and thought-provoking. Growth at Work brings to clients some of the highest-leverage methodologies I have seen in academia and industry."

  • Tyriq Jackson, Program Manager, Finance and Operations, Morehouse College

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"Tom is both enthusiastic about the promise of coaching and developing professionals, and sensitive to the reasons growth and change can feel overwhelming. Tom’s approach to the Immunity to Change exercise is so masterful because he understands the ways in which professional and organizational cultures really do create dilemmas for people that must be understood well if they are going to be overcome."

  • Timothy O'Brien, Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

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"I’ve known Tom for over a decade; his passion for helping people develop a growth mindset to navigate career and life challenges has been inspiring. Tom is very giving of his time and expertise and is consistent is his support of others others."

  • Stacey Young Rivers, Ph.D., Talent Development Leader, Fortune 500 company, and Founder of Career Bluprint 

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"Tom has a unique ability to combine leadership theory with lived experience. His willingness to ask the challenging questions enables breakthroughs in adaptive change for individuals, teams and organisations."

  • Mark LeBusque, CEO, The Human Manager

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“Tom has been committed to the authentic development and growth of others throughout the decade I’ve known him. I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot from his engaging and thought-provoking approach to the growth challenges we all face in our careers.”

  • Kristin F. Ethridge, Talent Acquisition Professional, Fortune 500 company. 

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