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Customized Behavioral Experiences

I've spent roughly 2,500 hours in front of audiences. I understand how people learn--what draws them in, what energizes them, what sticks with them.

I've found that 3 programming elements drive learning, and these are the 3 features that distinguish Growth at Work experiences:

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1. Content is Personal and Customizable

A cohort of 30 people contains 30 different life stories and 30 different growth edges. One size does not fit all.

When a conversation is relevant to your life, you'll engage it, remember it, and act on it. My first order of business is making the conversation personal and pressing for each human in the group. Every Growth at Work experience revolves around goals and challenges chosen by the individual.   

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2. Thinking is Accompanied by Action

If you want to get better at soccer, you won't sit in a classroom and talk about soccer. You'll find a ball and a field and get moving. 

Similarly, if you want to grow at work, it is best to do more than talk about it in a classroom. Growth entails practicing new behaviors. Every Growth at Work experience includes real-world tests and applications. 

3. People Grow in Community with Others

Growth is difficult work. When we go it alone, we tend to turn away from the work before long. It is so much easier not to look in the mirror.  

But when we connect with others over growth work, we keep each other in the game. We see that we are not alone in our frustrations. We feel accountable to one another. We're in it together. Every Growth at Work experience builds community. 

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