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Adaptive Leadership Journey

An Adaptive Leadership Journey is a month-long experience that helps you make progress on difficult group challenges. Each A.L. Journey features:


  • a 6-hour opening workshop

  • real-world experimentation 

  • peer coaching (1 hour per week) 

  • expert 1-on-1 coaching (optional 1/2-hour time slots) 

  • a 1-hour closing workshop (4 weeks after the opening)

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You will bring to the opening workshop a brief summary of a leadership challenge in your life, and will learn the adaptive leadership framework through the prism of your lived challenge. You and your peers will together apply the framework to your real-world challenges.    

Coaching and community keep the learning and momentum going through the duration of your Journey.


During your Adaptive Leadership Journey, you will learn to apply high-leverage questions to navigate the dangerous waters of leadership.

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The Adaptive Leadership framework that I use is the one authored by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky. I trained directly with Heifetz and Linsky at an intensive 8-day seminar at Harvard Kennedy School in 2014, and have taught a college course on this material every year since 2016. 

Delivery format is flexible (in-person, virtual, hybrid), as is group size.  

Adaptive Leadership Intensive

If you are interested in further building your organization's adaptive capacity after having engaged in an A.L. Journey, an excellent option is an Adaptive Leadership Intensive

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Steering Wheel Grunge_edited.png
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In an Intensive, 5 or 6 members of your organization form a consultation group that diagnoses and advises on real-world adaptive challenges. I observe your consultation sessions, providing feedback during each session's debrief. 

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